The THROTTLE is a modern, fun as, all-round shortboard. I love to ride this board in beach breaks, tight bowls and when the points are smaller.

It's a real mix of my popular board models; the FREESURF and the SQUID.  Rocker is a low entry with subtle tail curve. Outline is a smooth clean curve for carving flow. The rails are lower than the FREESURF.  The bottom contours consist of a single to double to double concave. Tail shape is a hard round square for bite and pivot. The board is built for speed and response! 

Ride this board around the same height as you are. Works best in 1 - 5ft surf.

I'm 73kg and 5'8'' and I ride this board in a 5'8'' x 19 1/4" x 2 5/16" Vol 26.5L

Cain Aldridge