Whether you’re a ripper, intermediate or a beginner - everyone’s needs are different.

One of the main things to do when you're looking for a surfboard is find the volume that suits your weight and ability.

Volume in surfboard = litres of foam/floatation in surfboard
(Think of an empty 2 litre milk bottle – it’s got 2 litres of volume.)

Work out the volume you need on the chart below. Find your weight down the left hand column then go right along that row to the column that suits your surfing ability. You can choose any style of board you like with that recommended amount of volume.
E.g. An intermediate surfer at 75kg needs around 30 litres of volume in their surfboard.

If you want to check you are making the right choice with your surfboard email cain@csasurfboards.com – we’ll be stoked to help.

Surfboard Volume
NOTE: If your 45+yrs add about 2L of vol


Knowing the volume you need in a surfboard gives you a more accurate size to look for.  You could have 10 surfboards with the same dimensions but they can all be so different in float and foam distribution.  There’s so much more to a surfboard than dimensions – e.g. rail and nose thickness, nose and tail widths.  Most people are worried to go shorter with their surfboard because they think it’s smaller. But volume can be pumped into a shorter board so paddle and float isn’t lost.  For example – You could have a 6’3” with 28.5L in volume and change to a 6’0”/Volume 29.5L.  The 6’0” will out-paddle the 6’3” because it has more volume and is shorter, causing less drag and more speed.  The rail line is also shorter so it can do tighter turns. Once you know the volume that works with your weight and ability you can choose any style of surfboard you like.